Creating a Twine Game

The game my group designed focuses on the topic of spring break for a college student. I was the person in my group who came up with this idea. I felt it was an appropriate topic as around this time of year college students are getting ready to go on spring break, so a game planning a spring break trip seemed fitting and timely.

I think our group’s game turned out incredibly well. We offered players the options of either staying home over break or going on a vacation. With either option we tried to provide players with a number of options as they either arrange their trip or decide what they are going to do at home. We also took great pride in adding videos, links and photos to enhance the playing experience. Our game was interactive and creative in the way it utilized media. Another key aspect of the game was to keep the various choices the players were given relevant to real life situations.

This project was my first time ever really hearing about or using the Twine platform. I found it to be a rather simple program to master. I was incredibly pleased with the game and amazed that I could create such as game by mastering just a few simple codes. It helped to take notes during class on the codes that I would need as it made the process of creating the game a lot quicker. I had no idea before learning about Twine that a game as sophisticated as the ones seen in class could be created on such a simple platform.

An issue I feel Twine could work on improving is to make the platform more compatible for multiple users wanting to work on the same project at once, but on different computers. This was an issue in our group as only one member was able to do the writing and coding at a time. The other members of the group, which included myself, spent our time coming up with the wording for the slides and finding the media to incorporate into each slide. It would have made it easier however if we all could have been logged onto the same project and worked individually instead of all together.

Another issue that I feel Twine could improve upon would be creating a better and more efficient way in which to save the project that is being worked on. My group had created our entire game and thought we saved it correctly. However, when we wanted to go in an edit a few slides, we were unable to and a member of our group had to redo the entire thing. She and I had a planned time to meet so that I could assist her in redoing the work. However she emailed me that morning that she had had extra time and had already redone the work on her own.

A good journalistic piece to write for a university publication, such as the South End, around this time of year could be tips for planning a good spring break vacation, or the advantages or disadvantages of traveling, or an important story that took place on a students spring break. This game could go along as an interactive media game with any of those types of those stories. Two articles already written on the topic focus on the history of spring break and the best places to go on spring break.

I came up with the topic of the game, found and sent Sarah (who did the coding) numerous media elements such as gifs, links and photos, and came up with the wording for various parts.

Check out my groups game here.


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