Recap On Our Podcast

The podcast above has recently been created by Sarah Rahal and myself to review the book Slutwalk. Feminism, Activism and Media, by Kaitlynn Mendes. This book can be categorized as a gender studies book, and the main focus is on feminism. Aside from listening to our podcast and reading the book itself, those who are interested in learning more about this topic should take a look at this website, which lists books similar to Slutwalk. Feminism, Activism and Media, and this article, which discusses feminism in relation to social media, the main topic in Slutwalk. Feminism, Activism and Media.

 The podcast begins with both Sarah and myself introducing ourselves and the book which we will be reviewing. Following this, Sarah provides some background details on the book. After this, I begin to talk about one of the aspects of the book which I felt was very strong: its ability to incorporate quotes from those in pop culture, experts on the topic, articles and the like. During this part I quote Miranda, the blogger, on page 94 to support my point that the author brings other perspectives into the piece, not just her thoughts.

book cover.png
Above is the cover to the book Slutwalk. Feminism, Activism and Media. Photo taken by Addison Wallace

Another point which I discuss later in the piece are how the author goes into detail discussing how each social media platform, including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and blogging have affected the feminist movement. I thought this was a really strong point as it gave readers specific details about how social media has changed the movement.

Later Sarah provides brief explanations of the various chapters in the book.

One of the last points I make is to discuss who I think would specifically be interested in this book, and in connection with that, an area that I feel is weak in the book: the pace at which it reads. I discuss how someone who is going to pick up this book is going to have an interest in the topic. However, the book reviews the whole feminist movement in detail, which made it read at a really slow pace and recap information that those interested in the topic most likely already know.

Overall however Sarah and I said we would rate the book at about a 6 or a 7 and that we obtained a great deal of information from it.

Other discussions of the book:

Here is an article analyzing the book.

Here is another article analyzing the book.


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